Character Class Differences, Important Things to Note!

Dungeons of Legend: Underwell sports three different character classes. Depending on which class you choose, certain factors should be kept in mind. You get five stat points at the beginning of the game that can be allocated any time via the character class screen. Three more points are awarded with each level up.


The Warrior: The warrior benefits most from his Strength and Vitality stats. While raising dexterity/intelligence might help to increase his accuracy, his actual hit power largely depends on strength when he’s using strength based warrior weapons (you can tell a weapon is of this type if you see it increases strength).

The warrior is actually the toughest class to play because at first he might miss a lot and have a lower attack power. But with more advanced equipment and as his strength stats rise, he can start to deal some heavy damage. He will also need to utilize magic defense items as well as protection potions for those tougher battles in-game, so it definitely pays to use those wisely!


The Rogue: The most important thing to note with the rogue is how crucial the dexterity attribute is. It is what affects his accuracy and his hit power, which does not at all rely on strength when he wields dex based rogue weapons (typically knives and daggers that raise dexterity). The rogue also needs some vitality to protect him from when enemies do manage to land a hit on him as well as magic protection items since magic spells typically do not miss. He starts to gain high critical hit ratios as he progresses too, which makes from some huge damage dealing later on. Unless you feel like having him use swords and maces, the rogue typically never relies on strength. The rogue’s immense power comes from his knowledge of where to land hits using the most subtle movements. His years of training and experience are where his true efforts were placed, he needs not brute force situations.

All these factors combined make the rogue easier to play than the warrior and a far more forgiving class.


The Wizard: The wizard is more or less the easy mode of the game. While some of his more useful spells can be hard to find, hidden deep within chains of secret corridors and passageways, even his more basic spells still offer consistent damage dealing with practically no chance of missing. He can learn spells using spell circles that can be seen on various walls in obvious and not so obvious spots.

The wizard does not cause huge damage, but when he does cast a spell it is a guaranteed hit with some pretty efficient mana usage, especially as the intelligence stat is raised. With the right spells, certain enemies can become mere fodder before him.

The problem with earlier spells is that they require the wizard to get close and personal to his targets and that can be dangerous. But as his arsenal grows, he can find a solution to most problems with relative ease.


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