How to Play Dungeons of Legend: Underwell

Dungeons of Legend plays very similarly to other western first person grid based RPGs, the HUD and its various elements are highlighted below. The wizard has a different HUD setup than the warrior and rogue:

Warrior rogue HUD.png

Wizard HUD.png

Tutorial placig items.png

Misc tips when playing:

  • Tap items to pick them up. Most can be picked up from a little over a whole space away.
  • Search every nook and cranny and examine walls for off looking parts. If you spot a secret button or panel in the game world, just tap it and listen for any secret doors that may open!
  • You automatically regenerate some health/mana when some turns go by. If in a pinch, try hiding out somewhere until you’re feeling better.
  • Puzzles come with hints. If you’re stuck, try to think hard about the hint itself or look around for clues that might help!
  • Often you will find you have a choice to enter a particularly ¬†dangerous room or area early on. If you’re not ready, there is always later when you’ve found more potions or leveled up.
  • Equipment plays a huge role in protecting you and strengthening your attacks. The best equipment is well hidden, so treasure hunters will have a much easier time traversing the depth of this dungeon.

6 thoughts on “How to Play Dungeons of Legend: Underwell”

    1. Hello! Sorry, just remembered you asked this a couple of days back, unfortunately no there is no guide but if you’re asking about the fortress in level 6, there are two keys.

      *spoilers for first key*

      The first one is inside the house with the red X on it right in front of where you exit from the forest area. There is a scroll there that tells of an invisible wall in that same house. The key is in there, and it opens up the door at the left side of the castle main door.

      *spoilers for second key key*

      Inside the door the first key opens is a boss as well as the key to the castle itself.

      Good luck!


  1. I am stuck on the level with the radiant objects. I have three of the four, not including the ball. I cannot pass the gate in the NE corner. Any hints/help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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