How to Play Dungeons of Legend: Underwell

Dungeons of Legend plays very similarly to other western first person grid based RPGs, the HUD and its various elements are highlighted below. The wizard has a different HUD setup than the warrior and rogue:

Warrior rogue HUD.png

Wizard HUD.png

Tutorial placig items.png

Misc tips when playing:

  • Tap items to pick them up. Most can be picked up from a little over a whole space away.
  • Search every nook and cranny and examine walls for off looking parts. If you spot a secret button or panel in the game world, just tap it and listen for any secret doors that may open!
  • You automatically regenerate some health/mana when some turns go by. If in a pinch, try hiding out somewhere until you’re feeling better.
  • Puzzles come with hints. If you’re stuck, try to think hard about the hint itself or look around for clues that might help!
  • Often you will find you have a choice to enter a particularly ¬†dangerous room or area early on. If you’re not ready, there is always later when you’ve found more potions or leveled up.
  • Equipment plays a huge role in protecting you and strengthening your attacks. The best equipment is well hidden, so treasure hunters will have a much easier time traversing the depth of this dungeon.

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