Dungeons of Legend: Underwell


Dungeons of Legend: Underwell is a first person grid based dungeon crawling adventure. It is inspired by modern classics like Legend of Grimrock as well as older classics like Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master and Lands of Lore. Each level of this dungeon is hand crafted to provide the most immersive and complete experience. Explore, search, gather hints, solve riddles, fight monsters and find tons of loot and upgrades.


6 thoughts on “Dungeons of Legend: Underwell”

  1. Hi, purchased today and loving the game. Past the Lich now and there’s one thing driving me insane…
    On the floor with the Lich, there’s a room with spikes constantly triggering. I’ve found certain unique dagger in a secret within, but can’t quite figure out the pattern and die really fast in there. The question is, is there anything else of similar value to be found in this section of the dungeon? Can I just give up now?


      1. Hello!

        So the guillotine puzzle is a logic riddle where you have to pull the two correct levers. All the heads with the wrong levers say stuff that can be contradicted, but the two “guilty” ones (and thus the correct two levers) are the ones that say correct statements that can be proven true if we take all the other statements into account.

        If it’s still not working out for ya the right answer is:


        Levers I and V, or 1 and 5.


  2. Hello! Thanks for the purchase and kind words, greatly appreciated!

    Regarding the spike room, there is only one secret in that area, it’s a really colorful button on one of the pillars that opens up a secret room in the corner of that area.

    The pattern is such that spikes attack in alternating rows north/south and then east/west. To avoid them, you can wait for one wave then quickly move, for example, a step forward and then a step to the left or right. The next wave will then hit, you can move a step left/right and then one forward. So you alternate in this fashion, taking exactly two steps after each wave, and it should be easier to avoid the spikes. Kind of hard to explain, but a very general hint would be, if you move exactly two spaces after each wave of spikes, you will be safe if they are in the correct directions.


    1. Hey, thanks for a swift reply.
      I’ve just beat the game, and think I’ve found all the secrets along the way. It’s been a blast and well worth every cent. I sincerely congratulate you on your level design skills (though some maps were almost too big for my taste) and clever, yet not frustrating puzzles. My favorite part has been placing the flowers for the dead, such a great concept and execution.
      Well done, well done indeed, a rare gem among the attempts to bring back the feeling of the crawling Classics.
      If I could have one wish, that would be to be able to pan the map. Backtracking (for completions) can be a chore sometimes.


      1. Really appreciate the kind words and feedback! Yeah the map can definitely use some work. Initially the map was actually so much worse than it is now, but back then I figured that would add to the challenge. The reviews indicated otherwise though and so I had to make changes to it, but definitely having it pan would be a great idea.

        I’m actually working on a PC port of the game that will give it a complete graphical overhaul, along of course with some improvements. If that works out I’d love to make another installment with NPCs, quests and more options as to how to deal with the in-game world.


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